VBOP Online Ordering

For PPE, tools and equipment

Designed For Simplicity
And Customised For Your Business

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What is VBOP Intelligent Ordering ?

VBOP is our unique system designed to make ordering your PPE and equipment easier for you.

You can place orders through our unique online ordering system, which can also be personally customised in a number of ways for your company, and can provide you with essential tools to monitor your spending – and that of those in your area of responsibility.

Call us on 0845 38 12345 to talk about your requirements, and we’ll help to ensure that equipping your team is easy and efficient.

Key Features

  • Place orders on account simply, online, for rapid delivery to any branch, site or office.
  • Set your own customised pricing.
  • Use reports to monitor spending.
  • Set order limits.
  • Choose which products each user can buy.
  • Selectively take advantage of our special offers (or choose not to).